Types of case study

There are three types of case study that can be conducted, ranging from a short, simple photo/video story to a more comprehensive values report.

  • Photo or video story: a small case study focusing a single individual (volunteer, coach) or a small club or event. It would primarily involve talking with people and taking photos or video footage to tell the story.

  • Case study: a moderate detail case study that would focus on a programme, project or a small club. It would use individual and group interviews mainly with internal stakeholders.

  • Values report: a comprehensive case study that would be appropriate for a large club, facility or programme. It captures both qualitative and quantitative information from internal and external stakeholders.

Values reportCase studyPhoto story

Having identified the scope of your story, you can select the appropriate module, which details how to plan and prepare the case study, how to collect the necessary information and how to share the results.