Below you will find a range of templates to support you in the production of your photo story, case study or values report.

Template 1: Invitation to participate in an interView or focus group

You will need to invite a range of people to participate in the process. We’ve prepared a draft letter of invitation so that you can quickly inform and invite the people whose opinion you’re keen to hear. The template content may be used for a poster/flyers/notices to place at the club/facility/event etc or in/on newsletters/websites/community notice boards.

Download Template 1

Template 2: Invitation to Young people (anD tHeir parents)

Here is an invitation for a focus group with young people. Keep short, engaging, fun and to the point.

Download Template 2

teMplate 3: perMission letter

We’ve included a permission letter that will make sure you get the permissions required when doing research with children and young people.

Download Template 3

teMplate 4: generic interView plan

This toolkit includes a simple interview format and a menu of questions for you to choose from.

Download Template 4

teMplate 5: focus group forMat

Running a focus group or group interview requires some planning and consideration that is different from an interview.

Download Template 5

teMplate 6: pHoto storY forMat

A great way of presenting back the information is through a photo story.

Download Template 6

teMplate 7: case stuDY forMat

Starting writing is the hardest part. We’ve tried to make it easier by including a brief outline of a written case study with key headings and what’s included in each section.

Download Template 7

teMplate 8: Values report forMat

Preparing a values report requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Typically this report would be at least 50 pages long, and should include plenty of photos and other visual material like graphs and diagrams.

Download Template 8

template 9: Project plan templates

These templates are designed to suppot you through the project planning stage of your photo story, case study or values report.

Download Template 9  : blank project plan
Download Template 9a : completed project plan example