Managing the project

How will you do it and who will help?

Usually a photo story has several parts.

  • Find out about the person or project — this could come from a range of sources including key contacts, feasibility studies, websites, media, proposals and applications, annual reports.
  • Identify the sources of other information — make a list of who, what, where and how the research will (ideally) take place to get all the information you need.

Using the photo story method for a case study method requires people who can ask questions and listen carefully to the answers as well as capture great images for you to use. The interviewer doesn’t need to be the same person who collects the images.

You might want to have a small group involved. Make sure that you’ve got the following skills covered.

  • Project management: Making sure the project is planned, managed and completed
  • People skills: Getting and keeping people involved, interview and listening skills
  • Photo and video skills: Including taking the images and editing them with captions
  • Analysis: Making sense of the information, selecting the best quotes and photos
  • Reporting: Designing and preparing photo story


Consider what you can do yourselves and what might you need to pay for including:

  • purchase of equipment (dictaphone, digital camera, smart phone, video recorder)
  • experts (researchers, interviewers, writers, designers)
  • publication (costs of design and reproduction of any final material, CDs, DVDs).