Plan and prepare

Take some time to work out what you need to do, how you’ll do it and what resources you need.

This section provides some tips about:

  • planning
  • processes to use
  • the team you need to do the case study
  • key people to involve
  • the way you’ll collect the information
  • some ethical considerations.

When you are planning the case study think about the:

  • Nature of the club or facility: What are the activities, users and members, key features of its success, history and what’s cutting edge?
  • Information needed: Be clear about the information that’s required and who will use the information. Having an audience in mind makes it easier to decide on the project scope and form of the final case study.
  • Information sources: Identify likely types of information you’ll need and who might have access to this.
  • Timeframe: You should look at collecting information at the time of year that the club or facility is most active so you can collect as much information as possible. It will also be easier at this time to locate and engage with the members, users and the local community.