Project scope

Case studies come in a range of sizes.

Work out what the scope is for the case study you’re thinking about.

Define the boundaries of the project: these might be physical, time-bound, activity, member or participant.

Think about the following and decide what’s right for your club or facility. Are you going to cover:

  • all of the activities carried out by your club/group
  • activities occurring in one site only
  • users for a particular time of the day or week
  • specific user groups/members
  • participants in one type of activity?

Have a look at your scope and then the options that might be suitable.

Values reportCase studyPhoto story

    • Simple & Small

    • Scope

      • Focuses on an individual
      • Small aspect of club or group
      • Small project
      • Simple programme or event
    • Options

      • Photo story
      • Snap shot (less than 10 pages)
      • Video story
      • Award nomination
    • Moderate

    • Scope

      • Identifies the value to the members/user
      • Story of the club, group, facility
      • Complex programme or event
    • Options

      • Case study (10 – 20 pages)
      • History
      • Report to funders
    • Complex & Comprehensive

    • Scope

      • Comprehensive investigation
      • Considers external perspectives
    • Options

      • Detailed values report
      • Includes some or all of the above